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Name:Ny ≾ Siri
Birthdate:May 1
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well i guess i'll keep my interests to remind myself how embarrassing the past is.

Interests (68):

.hack, 27, 2759, 5927, 8, akihiko from p3 likes his leader, alice and lavi are twins, axel, axel/saix, balmung will have a hissy fit, bombay and schuldig are happy psychos, bombay is not all that sweet, books, can i order additional poly pls, cielo, dds, digital devil saga, dogs that come with bullets, fanboys and their crushes, fandom needs more girlfriends, fights like praying, frogs, gil and oz are a tag team, gil is a fanboy too, girugämesh, gokkun is a fanboy, gokutsuna, it is schuldig written with a g, kalimero, katekyo hitman reborn!, kaworu/shinji, khr, kimi no todoke, kingdom hearts, kitten and the telepath, laven, m&m, marlo has a crush on kite, marlo is a brill bloke, mc has to pantomime, mello and matt don't get paid enough, moulin rouge, mucc, nine inch nails, ookami, oz, pandora hearts, persona 3, plushies, ppl with bows are kings, puzzleshipping, queen, radiohead, redhair and eyepatch, redhair and eyepatch could mean lavi and allen, seiryuu is supposed to come to practice, seiya and usagi should be girlfriends, serph needs to communicate, serph/heat, sewing, squalo, tea, three seconds stupid rabit, tsuna, vermillion lies, why yes, yuugi is not a whimp, yuzuru beats his own looks
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